Press Highlights

“Instantly, from the first deep, dark notes of the Sarasate, I knew who it was…the passionate commitment, the sound and soul of it….” “Every note she played seemed to me to be filled with deep significance and beauty . . . Sarasate was an utter joy. DiNovo had the music singing and dancing, weeping and laughing, telling a story in the language of music that was completely compelling . . . technically DiNovo was simply astonishing. Beautifully tuned harmonics, driving energy and her sheer joy of reveling in the music left me dazzled. . . A standing ovation was simply inevitable.” –Brott Festival, 2015 “. . . the advertised soloist was still busy elsewhere so the concertmistress Nancy DiNovo stepped in at short notice. Both pieces, Sarasate’s ‘Zigeunerweisen’ and Monti’s ‘”Csardas”, were well known gypsy showpieces for virtuoso violin and Dinovo performed brilliantly….The audience loved it and gave DiNovo a well-deserved standing ovation.” –Ontario Arts Review “The Boston Symphony’s gain has been our loss, so it was a great pleasure to have her back in Hamilton for this concert.  Her reading of the Partita No 3…was thoughtfully conceived…brilliantly executed.  She is a cool player, for whom complicated double-stopping holds no terrors, a player who shapes melodic phrases with great authority, and who communicates both the excitement of the music and its intellectual challenge.” –Anthony Hammond  “It takes someone of exceptional presence and power to step right into the midst of the audience, and there, absolutely alone, absorb us all in to the very heart of Bach’s transcendent music.   DiNovo moved to that spot, amongst us, down to the fourth row of pews in the centre aisle of Christ Church Cathedral because, after experimenting, she found that it was the perfect place from which to surround us with the music. I wouldn’t presume to judge anywhere even two feet from where I was sitting in that particular acoustic environment, but for me, she hit the spot exactly.  She made a delicious-toned environment of Bach’s monumental architecture, drawing out the columns and spires with complete clarity of thought and the most profound musical feeling.” –Hamilton Spectator (the Bach Chaconne)  

Colleague and Audience Responses 

“A wonderful colleague! Nancy is a natural musician with innate understanding, warm sound, beautiful phrases, flexibility, as well as high energy and adventurous spirit.  I’ve immensely enjoyed collaborating with her both as a conductor and chamber musician” –Yariv Aloni, Conductor, Violist, Chamber Musician  “As a performer, Nancy’s career is multifarious.  She has been a professional orchestral player for years, she is an active and much sought-after chamber musician, and she has a thorough command of all the major (and minor) concerti and the repertoire for violin and piano and solo violin.” –Ann Elliott-Goldschmid, Lafayette String Quartet, UVic “Working with you is always such a joyful and fulfilling experience, and we are so very grateful each time we have that privilege.  Thank you for your generous spirit, and your infectious and unrelenting pursuit of truth in music.” –Susan Schaffer, Associate Concertmaster – Okanagan Symphony Orchestra. “What I became aware of, and appreciated so much, was that your violin was essentially an extension of you. It was as if your body and your violin were one… it seemed to me that there was no separation. I believe that is a rarity. You are truly an exceptional violinist. For me, it felt like an intimate experience to share that exquisite piece of music with you.” –Gina D, audience member