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I have always been fascinated by what makes the violin “work”.  Having started to play at the relatively late age of 13, I had to use my wits to make up for the years I had missed.  Aided by outstanding teaching, I used analysis to make the most of my countless hours of practicing.   Having looked at my own playing in this way, I soon discovered I took delight in observing the playing of others.  I have had the pleasure of working with students at levels ranging from beginner to very advanced and with a variety of career goals.  I hold my students to high standards and teach in an atmosphere of safety and respect while tailoring my approach to the needs of each student.  I believe the study of music is an exciting and deeply personal journey, one that can enrich each of our lives regardless of where that journey takes us.

Adrian Dyck, former UBC graduate student:

‘Ms. DiNovo brings to her teaching a profound knowledge and a vast experience with the solo Violin, Orchestral, and Chamber Music repertoire, and an exceptional ability to communicate her ideas with unparalleled energy, passion, excitement and clarity.    It was during our weekly lessons and meetings that my knowledge of the violin repertoire deepened, my technical approach to the practical issues of playing the violin became secure, and my intellectual and artistic individuality was encouraged and nurtured.   She brought to every lesson an admirable and delightfully infectious enthusiasm and excitement for the repertoire being studied, and always demanded a high level of achievement.   One of Ms. DiNovo’s great pedagogical skills is her ability to intelligently assess and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student’s playing, and then to devise an appropriate and individualized program of study that addresses the weaknesses and builds on the strengths of the student.


When I first came to study with Ms. DiNovo at UBC, I was plagued with physical problems related to the manner in which I had been playing.  These problems ranged from simple muscle tensions to tendonitis and bursitis, which left me virtually unable to play. Within the first few weeks, she had successfully identified many of the physical and technical roots of my over-use/misuse injury, and was able to help me correct these technical problems.  Within weeks I was back to playing full time (between three and six hours each day), and had regained, and was quickly surpassing, my previous technical, musical, and expressive abilities on the violin…. Ms. DiNovo’s teaching method and style, and her demand of a high level of achievement, was a central factor in my technical and musical development.  This in turn has provided me with the basis for which I can launch a successful and gratifying career in music. ‘

Ann Elliot-Goldschmid, Layfayette Quartet-in-Residence, University of Victoria:

“I asked Nancy if she would mind giving some of my students a lesson and perhaps a master class as well.  I realized at the first lesson that her skills as a teacher were remarkable.

In this sometimes awkward role as a co-teacher with us, she was a fantastic partner, teacher, and colleague. My students raved about her both as a teacher and as a person.  Each one of them improved beautifully over the course of the year.  She has a special way of identifying the weakness in a student, yet not dwelling on it, but using the students’ innate strengths to lessen the weakness. The quality of world-class musicianship that she brings to her students, emphasizing musical line, shapes of phrases, her very high standard of intonation and sound production, etc., was evident in every student that she taught.  Nancy was most amiable, always respectful of me and the student, and at the same time, firm in her position of what the student needed to do.  I learned a great deal from having Nancy teach my students.”